Wednesday, 6 April 2011


I thank the Aboriginal ancestors for taking care of this place we call the Rockhampton Region: Darumbal, Gungaloo, and our neighbours Baili, Goorang Goorang,and the Gurangu people, I am so sorry that our development was tainted with your blood, I wish it was not, for perhaps then we could work together as friends rather than adversaries. I stand where your blood spilled on the ground and I cry for you.
I thank my ancestors for their hard work to create prosperity out of poverty and for developing a place where I can prosper. I stand where your blood spilled on the ground and I am in awe of you.
But this place does not belong to you and very soon it will no-longer belong to me, it belongs to our children and our Grandchildren and their children: Murri children, Migaloo children,  the children who are born to this country and the children who's families  come looking for a better life. Let us not be the generation that hands down to our children less than what we inherited.

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  1. Hi Laine,
    I look forward to visiting you again. Liked this post a lot!